8 Giugno 2010 @ I3P, ore 16.30-18.30 con aperitivo di chiusura:
    Il prossimo 8 Giugno 2010, I3P ospiterà l’evento di presentazione di 16 idee imprenditoriali selezionate dai tre Atenei promotori tra le 264 partecipanti a Start Cup Torino Piemonte 2010.

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  • progetto Biochem

    Federchimica e ASTER (Agenzia per l’innovazione dell’Emilia Romagna) presentano il progetto Biochem.
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  • Leading European Manufacturers found EMMA

    Saint Genis Pouilly, France (April 23rd, 2010) – Advanced Accelerator Applications (AAA), Biokosmos, Erigal, Map Medical and PET Net Solutions, five prominent Europeanradiopharmaceutical manufacturers, have today announced the creation of EMMA

    (European Molecular Imaging Manufacturers Association), a consortium of private sectorentities that has pooled its resources, comprising some 16 production facilities, to respond to various developments in the Positron Emission Tomography (PET) pharmaceutical industry.press release EMMA >>

  • the second European Cancer Cluster Partnering Event

    Cancer-Bio-Santé cluster, France and Oslo Cancer Cluster, Norway welcome the key players of the international oncology community to the second European Cancer Cluster Partnering Event on September 15th-17th 2010 in Oslo, Norway.
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  • bioPmed/Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero and Lyonbiopole signed a memorandum of understanding to foster collaboration between Piedmont and Rhone-Alpes regions

    On February 1st, 2010, bioPmed innovation cluster, the life science and med-tech innovation cluster located in Piedmont (Italy) and managed by Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero and  Lyonbiopole, the French competiveness cluster located in Rhone-Alpes (France), signed a partnership agreement during Biosquare 2010 in Geneva.

    This agreement aims to foster the establishment of bilateral networks and partnerships and to facilitate research and development collaborations throughout the Alps.
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