BIO-X is a catalyser for transforming great research ideas into innovative new life science solutions that fulfil a real need.
The end goal is a formal proof of concept for a highly competitive new product.
BIO-X 2010 Call for Project Proposal. This year, BIO-X invites you to submit a proposal for new diagnostic tools and methods for screening, prognosis, diagnosis, or monitoring of treatment of malign tumours, autoimmune disorders and infectious diseases in humans.


BIO-X is open to all academic researchers active in life sciences in Uppsala and Stockholm in collaboration with industry. Winners are usually granted 1 million SEK/year for 2 years and tailor made support. BIO-X offers a unique opportunity for research and industry to develop their best ideas together, as well as cultivate their skills, experience and network in the life sciences. Team members may come from any institution in any region in the world. BIO-X 2010 Call for proposals is open until December 15th  2010.
Download a short version of the BIO-X Call for projects 2010.  <>

A full version of the call is available on our web, under BIO-X CALL 2010.
To learn more on the BIO-X call, contact Erik Forsberg                     

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