The “European Biotechnology Network – Biotechnology Funding Hub is pleased to give more details of the call for proposals about to be launched by the European Commission for research in health, open the registration for their dedicated Training day and launch a call for evaluators from the European Commission.
CEBR is a partner to that Hub, which means that particularly SMEs can access activities at a reduced (membership) rate.

Download the summary and the guide >>
Download the draft work programme >>

The guide gives a summary of topics being published by the European Commission in June 2011, with particular focus on relevance to SMEs.

The draft work programme can change until its publication. Applicants must refer only to the final published document. Please consult the following web page for updates: http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/health/

The “FP7 Training day”, on July 1st 2011 in Brussels, is dedicated to organisations who wish to develop a proposal.
It is an extremely practical day, looking at all aspects of proposal generation and how to make the best use of each partner.  There is a strong focus on the inclusion of SMEs and how proposal should be results and market-driven.
The companies can attend the event for € 195; they just need to quote ‘CEBR’ in their application form.

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