From January to July 2012 the large-scale pan-European research infrastructure project Euro-BioImaging conducts a series of proof-of-concept studies and it offers free access to advanced biological and biomedical imaging facilities across Europe.

The application deadline for the open user call was extended until November 30th, 2011 and the applicants from all over Europe are invited to submit their research project proposals.

The proof-of-concept studies will be a key pillar for the development of eligibility criteria for future Euro-BioImaging nodes and specifically aim to:

  • provide the opportunity for scientists to conduct their research project using cutting edge imaging instruments;
  • test and refine standardized execution and access protocols for future Euro-BioImaging facilities;
  • assess potential pitfalls for running these resources;
  • identify current community needs for access to different imaging technologies.

Many European imaging facilities will serve as Euro-BioImaging proof-of-concept study sites and will offer free access to a wide range of cutting edge imaging technologies.

For detailed information on the proof-of-concept studies and proposal submission, please visit the website:

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