Invitation to submit a proposal for new diagnostic tools and methods for diagnosis, prognosis, patient stratification and monitoring of treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, malignant tumours and autoimmune and hypersensitivity disorders.
In BIO-X you are offered financial and process support to reach a proof of mechanism or a proof of concept for life science solutions that fulfil a defined need.

BIO-X is open to research groups affiliated to universities or public institutes in the counties of Uppsala, Stockholm, Södermanland, Västmanland, Örebro and Östergötland.
You may associate the partners you need from anywhere in the world to your project.

BIO-X offers:

  • To take your results towards a proof of mechanism or proof of concept
  • Co-Funding
  • Process support
  • Continued ability to publish
  • Continued ownership
  • Contacts with industry and healthcare

Selected projects are granted up to 2 million SEK for a period of 18 – 24 months and tailor made support.

Roche is a strategic partner to the BIO-X program.
You, as applicant, choose if you want to have your application evaluated for collaboration with Roche in addition to the evaluation by BIO-X. Projects selected by Roche will, in addition to funding, receive a single contact point to Roche’s global teams for research and early development. Other industrial actors are also welcome to partner with individual projects.

This call for proposals is open until January 17th, 2012.

The full call-text is available on this web:,7402,7406
To download the short version of the call:


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