Berlin-Brandenburg Technology Forum “In vitro-Diagnostics and Bioanalysis”

The 4th Berlin-Brandenburg Technology Forum “In vitro-Diagnostics and Bioanalysis” will take place on June 8, 2012 in Berlin (Germany).

The series of events aims to join basic and applied research, clinic laboratories and clinicians, as well as innovative developers of in vitro diagnostics from the small and medium-sized industry.

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The Technology Forum’s program includes basically surveys about progressions in new developments from the industry-oriented R&D.

The Forum is being accompanied by an industrial exhibition, shaped by SMEs, which develop and provide products and technologies for mainly clinic laboratories. It is an annual, joint event organized by the Center for Molecular Diagnostics and Bioanalysis (ZMDB), and the Charité.

A specially designed partnering event for diagnostics companies and research institutes facilitates to meet new cooperation partners from Europe and aims at fostering and encouraging possible growth opportunities.

The Forum will include a strong European component. The ZMDB/Berlin-Brandenburg is a founding member of the European Diagnostic Clusters Alliance (EDCA).
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