“Train the trainer” IPR course

The “Train the trainer” course on IPR support for the internationalization of innovative biotech SMEs will be held on March 16, 2012 (h. 9.30-17.00) at Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero in Colleretto Giacosa (TO).
The course is organised by bioPmed Cluster in collaboration with ABCEurope.

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The training is mainly intended for:

  • University TTOs
  • Patent lawyers
  • Business development consultants and company expert
  • Cluster managers/officers

The course simulates the creation of a life science start-up company, focusing on the pre-seed phase.
Starting from a basic research idea that has matured into the filing of a patent application, the course will provide tools that will enable the entrepreneur to validate a technology opportunity, identify the need and the compelling product/service offer, identify and analyze valid business models, and to market the business concept to skeptic investors, potential customers and employees.

The course is free of charge and will include frontal lectures and workshops. It will be completely in English and there will be no translation.

The number of places available is limited.
For further information and to register, please send a mail to: Samantha Balma, balma@bioindustrypark.it

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