International Spinal Cord Repair Meeting: call for abstracts

The second edition of the International Spinal Cord Repair Meeting – Research Conference will be held on April 26-27, 2013 in Barcelona (Spain).

The conference will deal with breakthroughs in biomedicine and biotechnology related to recovery of spinal-cord function after injuries, including cell therapies, immunomodulation and nanomaterials.

The conference is geared towards doctors, researchers and specialists in the field of spinal-cord injuries.

Call for abstracts:
On 26 April, a space will be set aside for researchers from centers and bodies around the world to present their work or research to the general audience. Anyone interested must submit an abstract before 1 March. The organizing committee will select presenters from the abstracts received.
To attend, discounted registration at €105 are available through 28 February.

For more information: Step by Step Foundation,

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