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The Lab of Cancer Genomics at Fondazione Edo ed Elvo Tempia per la lotta contro i tumori in Biella has an open position for a biologist (biomolecular cv) or medical/biomolecular biotechnologist, preferably with a Ph.D. (Human Oncology, Molecular Medicine or similar), and who has:

–              long lasting experience in molecular biology (nucleic acid

extraction, primer design, PCR, RT-qPCR, high resolution melting, direct sequencing);

–              familiarity with highthroughput methods for large scale genomic and

transcriptomic analysis;

–              familiarity with genome-wide data analysis, sequence alignment,

functional annotation;

–              experience with cell cultures (preferable);

–              experience in immunohistochemistry (preferable).


The lab is equipped with the Agilent platform (4000C scanner) and has been working for more than 10 years on gene expression profiling, microRNA profiling and aCGH.

He/she will be involved in research projects related to prostate cancer, breast cancer and melanoma, together with bioinformaticians involved in data analysis and interpretation.

 An initial full-time contract of one year, renewable, is proposed.

Salary will be proportional to the level of experience.

Please, send CV to: giovanna.chiorino@fondazionetempia.org

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