Incomera first call

Incomera first call for proposal is been opened in January 2015 and is primarily addressed to SMEs and research organisations who successfully implemented research initiatives and are now in the exploitation phase, willing to bring the already achieved results on the market.

INCOMERA is an ERA NET, co-financed by European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme, especially devoted  to aid Innovation and Commercialisation  initiatives in the NMP thematic area  (Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Technologies).

INCOMERA is addressing the problem of translating research results into commercial applications, bringing together 21 different regional or national funding agencies and focusing on successfully ended research projects with a high potential to become a commercial success.

The objective of INCOMERA is therefore to bridge the gap between proof of concept validated in a laboratory, and industrialisation and commercialisation. Projects funded with INCOMERA should take up results at laboratory level and bring them to the level of a pilot-line and/or to a functional demonstrator validated by end-users.

In addition it is also open Incomera Call for experts .
INCOMERA Call Secretariat launch a call for the establishment of a database of individuals experts to assist in the evaluation of proposals.

How are the experts selected?
In order to ensure that only proposals of the highest quality are selected for funding, the INCOMERA Call Secretariat appoints independent evaluators from the database of external experts selected through the Call for experts. Experts are appointed by the Call Secretariat and selected on the basis of their profiles in the expert data base. Registration is therefore no guarantee for being appointed an expert.

Required level of qualifications
Evaluators will have a high-level of expertise in the relevant fields of research and innovation and / or business background linked with Incomera NMP fields. To qualify as an expert, the main focus is on the experts CVs and fields of research/business expertise in order to make the best match with the specific topics in INCOMERA proposals.

How to register?
Experts will register at first through the INCOMERA Expert Area:
The second step is to fill in an application form with all necessary information until the 30.01.2015 at 3 p.m.

Further information
For question or enquiries regarding the Call for experts, please contact the INCOMERA Call Secretariat to
For issues related to the application process and technical problems, please send an email to

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