SMEs’ Access to Key Enabling Technologies

The map allows SMEs to find technological service centres active in the field of Key Enabling Technologies (KETs).

Technological service centres active in the area of KETs can help SMEs to speed up the commercialisation of their innovation ideas.

Filter options at the right-side of the map allow the search to be refined (specific KET, location, specific services provided etc). Further details are available by clicking on the marker for each infrastructure. For each centre, an SME contact person has been identified.

Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) Technology Infrastructures are public or private organisations offering services to enterprises, including SMEs capable of:

  • Carrying out research and innovation activities along the innovation chain, from Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) 3 to 8 (but not necessarily covering all those TRLs), in the area of one or more KETs
  • Providing at least one KETs-related technology service close-to-market (at TRL 5 or higher).

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