2 eventi per settori E-Health, Life Sciences, Medical Devices e Digital Health in Germania

1) Charité Entrepreneurship Summit
Berlin – May 26th / 27th, 2016

This year the LifeSciences VentureMarket will provide a platform for entrepreneurs from the life sciences, medical devices, and digital health fields to present their companies/products to investors and other potential collaborators. Participation by a pool of international angels, venture capitalists, and corporate funds.

This is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs looking for funding, exposure, and strategic collaborations.

Entrepreneurs are invited to apply via the application form. All applications will be screened and participants selected by a jury. The application deadline is April 22nd. Successful applicants will receive an invitation by May 4th.

Investors are also invited to attend this session.

Registration for the Charité Entrepreneurship Summit is required to participate in this session. No additional fees apply.

For further information please contact Luigi Mercuri, l.mercuri@ice.it

Website: http://goo.gl/7iYyQi


2) National Conference of Health Economy
Rostock – July 13th / 14th, 2016

The Conference is currently looking for a Partner Country and is interested in Italy and its companies.

This year, the working title of the 12th National Sector Conference on the Health Economy is Health – The Health Economy in the Digital World.

The conference will pick up on the latest topics in the health economy, such as e-health and digitization. Other topics include, for instance, occupational health management, the introduction of scientific success to the economy, international relations and the current situation with skilled staff.

The conference is backed by the federal-state government of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The Minister President and his ministers will be present. 

For further information please contact Luigi Mercuri, l.mercuri@ice.it

Website: http://www.konferenz-gesundheitswirtschaft.de

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