Webinar Clinical Trials in Adelaide, Australia

Webinar on South Australia delivered by Bioindustry Park’s partner, Health Industries SA 
Department of State Development Government of South Australia.

One of the most promising interactions between us is the opportunity to offer to European companies engaged in drug development activities the advantages of the Australian clinical research environment.

Incentives and fast regulator approach available here may be very important for the competitiveness of European biotech, but there is lack of awareness.

For this reason Health Industries SA is offering free webinars in your timezone, dedicated to the clinical research environment

The next one will be on Tuesday 18 october 2016 at 10 am.

You’ll hear from Health Industries South Australia Chief Executive Marco Baccanti, covering financial incentives, ethics approval process and Adelaide’s life sciences ecosystem.

Link to the registration page: http://healthindustries.sa.gov.au/clinical-trials.html?publisher=hisa&unit=mrec&creative=webinar&key=na&webinar=true

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