eHealth Week: Malta is the capital of digital health and personalized care

“Data for Health” represents today the key to personalized sustainable care of patients, since it lies at the heart of service delivery and effective health policies. This is the theme of the “digital health” week that will be held 10 to 12 May 2017 in Malta.

“eHealth Week 2017” – this is the name of the event – is designed to review the advances in bioinformatics and innovative “mHealth” applications, i.e., which can be used on common mobile communication devices, which in the future will support a paradigm shift towards better prevention strategies, targeted to specific population groups, as well as towards “tailor-made” treatment of patients, to respond appropriately to individual needs.

The initiative will give participants the opportunity to develop and consolidate professional relationships thanks to various social “networking” events included in a busy schedule of meetings and workshops. Initiatives include the “HIMSS Europe Online Matchmaking” event that aims to encourage international collaboration between companies, health providers and other stakeholders with an interest in business opportunities in a complex field that will become more and more strategic for the Countries in the coming years.

During these three days, participants will also have the opportunity to learn about Malta’s health system, in particular the various eHealth initiatives implemented in recent years, such as the innovative “myHealth” IT platform, as well as the Country’s Digital Strategy for the years 2017 to 2021.

This year, students in Healthcare IT Management and related disciplines are invited to participate as volunteers in the organization of the event and will have the opportunity to obtain contacts with the most advanced realities of a fast-growing high-tech industry. For more information on the initiative and to learn how to participate, please visit the event website

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