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To be located within the Bioindustry Park with a laboratory, a research center, a pilot plant or, in the case of SMEs, through the entire organizational structure, a company, a research center or institute must meet certain requirements:

  • Being active in high-intensity or high technological content knowledge fields in Life Sciences and Human Health (or in synergic areas such as lCT, new materials, nanotechnologies, etc.);
  • Carry out basic or applied research activities, in strategic areas of life science, owning a strong technological platform/know-how;
  • Inclined to implementing innovative projects and research programs with clear market orientation;
  • Provide appropriate financial sustainability with a clear marketing plan and business plan;
  • Contribute to the economic growth and local and regional employment;
  • Make a substantial contribution to the enhancement of scientific and technological knowledge;
  • Have a well-defined management which is also committed for the success of the initiative.

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