Bioindustry Park:

an ecosistem to grow


Services and support,
technology and training,
financial facilities

When setting up the Bioindustry Park, the priority focus was on its functionality and flexibility, state-of-the-art technology, architectural image, and environmental impact.

In the business service management, the priority focus was on business services, research support activities, innovative technology providers, scientific training, and financial incentives.

The Bioindustry Park system is an ideal location and solution to companies in need of efficiency, quality, and image.

valori-chiave-icon Requirements for startups

To be able to implement projects in the field of life sciences or to let your startup grow inside the Bioindustry Park you have to meet certain requirements.

  • Products or services in areas related to human or animal health
  • Proof of concept already available
  • Patent protection if applicable
  • Defined potential markets
  • First round of funding obtained or under way
  • Incorporated company
  • International perspective or global market potential

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