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Advanced Accelerator Applications S.r.l. (AAA)

Advanced Accelerator Applications (AAA) is an innovative radiopharmaceutical company that develops, produces, and commercializes molecular nuclear medicine, or MNM, products. AAA is a European leader in the production and commercialization of nuclear diagnostics for PET and SPECT. AAA radiopharmaceuticals are mainly used for the diagnosis in clinical oncology, cardiology, and neurology.

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Aethia S.r.l.

Aethia provides products, solutions, and services to industrial and academic research groups who need high capacity computing systems.

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Aorticlab develops a technology for transcatheter aortic valve consisting of an innovative release mechanism.

Apavadis Biotechnologies S.r.l. (Eporgen)

APAvadis Biotechnologies explores new technological applications to accurately reach tumors via the bloodstream. For this purpose it uses the morphological and functional differences in tumor blood vessels compared to normal vessels.

Bionucleon S.r.l. (Eporgen)

It develops a technology to synthetize PNA (Peptide Nucleic Acids) aptamers to create libraries of molecules for screening different pharmacological targets.

Biopaint S.r.l. (Eporgen)

Biopaints develops new biocidal and antifouling agents that are added in formulations, such as paints, used by the naval industry or for general purposes.


An international group leader in diagnostic imaging, Bracco has set up one of its three specialized research centers by the Bioindustry Park.

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Centro di Eccellenza in Imaging Preclinico – CEIP

CEIP develops contrast agents for diagnostic applications using new imaging acquisition techniques (MRI) in collaboration with LIMA (Laboratorio Integrato di Metodologie Avanzate), universities, and external organizations.

Chemsafe S.r.l.

Chemsafe offers advanced services for chemical, agrochemical, and pharmaceutical companies to develop products and assist in their registration.

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Cluster bioPmed (Bioindustry Park)

bioPmed, managed by the BioIndustry Park, is an innovative cluster dedicated to supporting the biomedical and biotechnological sectors (health technologies) in our region. It was created in 2007 with the support of Regione Piemonte. Innovation Cluster dedicated to the biomedical and biotechnological sector (health technologies) created thanks to the intervention of Regione Piemonte whose coordination and management are entrusted to Bioindustry Park.

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CNR Istituto di Scienze delle Produzioni Alimentari – CNR ISPA

Located at the BiPCa campus, the Turin section of the Institute of Sciences of Food Production is focused on research on animal food and proteomics. The Turin section of the Institute of Sciences of Food Production located within BiPCa, deals with proteomics and studies about animal feeding.

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Consorzio per gli Insediamenti Produttivi del Canavese – CIP

CIP is a public organization whose goal is to coordinate and implement the growth of industrial areas at a local level. Specifically, it supports the development of activities and infrastructures aimed at attracting business in the Canavese area. Public limited entity that operates at local level to coordinate the implementation and management of the equipped industrial areas. It intends to develop the chances to create infrastructures to attract businesses in the Canavese area.

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CPA Service S.r.l.

CPA is consulting services firm that provides specialized support to businesses. It also has expertise in fundraising, marketing, event planning, branding, and services supporting innovation and the economical development of the territory

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Creabilis Therapeutics S.r.l.

Creabilis Therapeutics srl is a company focused on developing innovative first-in-class topical treatments addressing unmet medical needs in serious dermatological and inflammatory skin conditions (atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and pruritus).

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CSV Life Science

CSV is a company focused on providing engineering-related solutions to biotech and pharma companies, including planning and laying-out of facilities, compliance of processes, GxP approval requirements (its main expertise), etc.

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Dedagroup is one of the most important players in Information Technology “Made in Italy”. It supports companies, public bodies and financial institutions in their IT and digital strategies with technological, application and system integration skills. Founded in 2008, the Group has always registered a steady growth, internationalizing its operations in Mexico, United States and France. The headquarter is located in Trento with branches in Italy and abroad.

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Discovery (Bioindustry Park)

Discovery is the Bioindustry Park’s incubator specialized in Life Sciences.

Ephoran Multi Imaging Solutions S.r.l.

EPHORAN is a multi-imaging service company focused on preclinical research and development of diagnostic tools, reagents, and methodologies for experimental imaging.

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Epygon Italie S.r.l.

Founded in 2015 by professionals with long-term experience in cardiovascular R&D programs on prosthetic heart valves, Epygon is active in the biomedical field and, in particular, it is currently focused on the development of a mitral bioprosthetic cardiac valve implantable trough a minimally invasive transcatheter procedure.

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Eporgen S.r.l.

Eporgen Venture a venture capital firm specializing in seed investments in start up companies in the life sciences sector, particularly those companies based in the Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero.

Exida Development S.r.l.

A fully integrated company with global functional safety, global requirements and standards, Exida delivers best-in-class functional safety and control system security products, services, and support solutions to companies operating processes with safety requirements.

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Ex²O (Bioindustry Park)

Experts in Exploiting Opportunities (Ex²O) is the service platform for the assessment of technologies and the exploitation of entrepreneurial in life science opportunities. The trademark is the property of the Bioindustry Park.

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Fondazione ITS Biotecnologie e Nuove scienze della vita

The goal of the ITS Foundation is to educate and train a competitive workforce based on the technical requirements of nanotech and biotech companies. It also aims at supporting the socio-economic development and competitiveness of such companies located in the Piemonte Region.

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Gem Forlab

GEM FORLAB gives continuity to the experience of ABLE Biosciences as a global provider of scientific technology and services to the Life Science industry. It delivers solutions to companies of all size and shapes.

GEM FORLAB performs its activities by means of three technology areas: Organic Chemistry, Mass Spectrometry & Proteomics and Cell and Molecular Biology & Immunoassay

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Genovax S.r.l. (Eporgen)

Funded by Eporgen, Genovax S.r.l., is a vaccine developing biotech company, Its two main products include a vaccine for the treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus and a vaccine against stage IV renal/prostate cancer with active immunization to telomerase-derived peptides.

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Glyconova S.r.l. (Eporgen)

Funded by Eporgen, Glyconova develops antitumor and antiviral agents based on the synthesis of the heparan sulfate, a polysaccharide that is essential to the growth of tumors.

GÜNTHER Heisskanaltechnik

GÜNTHER Heisskanaltechnik has been dedicating for over thirty years to the development of custom hotrunner systems for the manufacturing of technopolymers and biopolymers.
It provides efficient and tailored solutions for a wide range of applications such as biomedical, food, electronics, packaging, automotive.

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InnovHeart S.r.l. is a company committed in the development of innovative implantable therapeutic devices for the treatment of heart valve dysfunctions, in particular atrioventricular valves. The technologies developed aim at compatibility through minimally invasive implant procedures, that is transcatheter interventional praxis.

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InnoVitsLab is a consulting firm that supports start-ups and small businesses, making them attractive to potential investors and implementing growth paths through the improvement of entrepreneurial projects and fostering the development of innovative companies in Italy and in foreign markets.

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Knowledge Innovation Technology Entertaiment – KITE

The KITE Association promotes cultural initiatives (seminars, readings and theater performances) mixing science with literature or other humanistic projects.

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Narvalus Biotech S.r.l. (Eporgen)

Funded by Eporgen, Narvalus Biotech is a nanotechcompany dedicated to the development of a chip-based single cell transfection/electroporation tecnology.

Natimab Therapeutics S.r.l.

NatiMab Therapeutics is focused on the identification and development of human antibodies to treat and diagnose cancers and infectious diseases. The company owns patents on a phosphorylated isoform of α-Enolase for usage in the diagnosis of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC), and it has filed several others on antibodies detecting two forms of ezrin, a plasma membrane cytoskeleton linker molecule whose over-expression and membrane translocation correlates with metastasis and poor prognosis of PDAC patients.

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Noray Bioinformatics S.L.U.

Noray Bioinformatics is a company that develops new software solutions specific for the biotech sector (Biotechnology, Biomedicine, Biopharmaceutics).

NotoPharm S.r.l. (Eporgen)

Academic spin off dedicated to the improvement of existing therapeutic approaches for immune disorders through the development of new diagnostic techniques.
Notopharm is an academic spin off focused on the discovery and characterization of biomarkers for the differential diagnosis of autoimmune diseases. It develops diagnostic kits for use in the field of autoimmunity treatments.


Panoxyvir is an academic spin-off at the new frontier of antiviral research, whose direct target is not the viral particle but the cellular site of infection, transiently modified in a way to block the viral replication. By exploiting the potent activity of defined physiological cholesterol metabolites termed oxysterols against non enveloped viruses (patented), Panoxyvir aims to develop the first drug for the treatment of the exacerbation of chronic inflammatory lung diseases as provoked by Rhinovirus, the main agent of common cold.

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PixyCo creates and develops innovative mobile software applications with particular focus on performance, design and user experience.

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Rotalactis S.r.l. (Eporgen)

The organization intends to develop dietary supplements based on donkey’s milk derivatives, for the prevention of rotavirus infections in newborn babies that are not breastfed and/or are allergic to cow’s milk.

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Sienna Biopharmaceuticals

Sienna Biopharmaceuticals, Inc., is a medical dermatology and aesthetics company focused on developing safe and effective targeted therapies to treat inflammatory skin conditions and aesthetic concerns that impact the health and appearance of patients.

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Sintecop GHI S.r.l.

Sintecop is part of the “HALLEY Informatica Group”that provides “Quality Management System” and an “Information security management system” software solutions as well as assistance to more than 300 local entities in the regions of Piemonte e Valle D’Aosta.

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SiTec Consulting

SiTec Consulting has developed a wide range of expertise working with pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the US and Europe. Specifically, the company provides expertise and services in key areas of R&D, from lead/drug candidate selection to Phase I/IIa, for the development of small organic molecules, peptides and proteins.

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Smile Biotech S.r.l. (Eporgen)

The project’s purpose is to develop a measurement method for a salivary protein, which is quick and easy to perform and allows mass screening which can be useful to persuade people who test positive to undergo a thorough dental examination.

Spider Biotech S.r.l. (Eporgen)

It develops and applies the multiple peptides technology to identify and develop new therapeutic agents in the treatment of bacterial infections. The focus of Spider Biotech is in the development of peptide-based antibiotics active against pathogens of clinical importance, primarily Gram negative bacteria; and peptidic antiviral drugs with a focus on Herpes Simplex Virus types 1 and 2 infections that cause oral herpes and genital herpes respectively.

Stelar S.r.l.

It focuses on the research of advanced solutions in the field of nuclear magnetic resonance, the development of academic and commercial laboratories and monitoring of industrial processes.

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Target Heart Biotec S.r.l. (Eporgen)

It develops melusin in a preclinical stage, a new muscle-specific chaperone protein, for possible therapeutic treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
Target Heart Biotec is investigating melusin, a muscle-specific protein involved in triggering increased muscular power (compensatory cardiac hypertrophy) when the heart is subjected to an exceptional work load. The company is validating this protein as a biopharmaceutical recombinant drug in preclinical studies on animal models of heart failure.

Titanmed S.r.l.

Titanmed manufactures high-quality dental implants distributed with its own brand, Tecom Implantology. In addition, the company provides effective solutions to operators of implant dentistry producing top quality, perfectly compatible titanium lines dental implants, and designing and producing “tailor custom-made” new lines for dental implantology.

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Università degli Studi di Torino

One of the largest Italian universities, the University of Torino promotes research, innovation, training, and organizes courses in all disciplines, except Engineering and Architecture. The laboratories in the Department of Chemistry IFM and the Department of Genetics, Biology and Biochemistry of the Università di Torino are located within BiPCa.

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ZioSEM S.r.l.

ZioSem is a web agency that designs and implements websites and CMSs oriented to web marketing. Each web project is optimized for organic placement, pay-per-click and web analytics, with multimedia services and dedicated hosting plans.

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