Since 2005, Bioindustry Park has been involved in several projects and development initiatives at provincial, regional, national, European, and international level.
In this section, we briefly described different initiatives.
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ABC Europe

The project was focused – as part of the life science clusters – on the creation of internationally-supported tools for the development of companies operating in the field of life sciences.
The project ended in 2012.

ACE – Achieving Cluster Excellence

The project aims at awarding a professional status to the clusters management of Piemonte through training and certification activities (ESCA). The local partner is Finpiemonte; in this project bioPmed has been able to apply for the Gold certification and received it in July 2015, as well as to take part in the training activities of the European Foundation for Cluster Excellence.


ALISEI – Advanced Life Sciences in Italy è l’iniziativa di cluster nazionale sulle Scienze della Vita voluta dal MIUR a cui Bioindustry Park – attraverso bioPmed – partecipa dal 2012.

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A project launched in the Piemonte region to support activities of clusters in which Bioindustry Park was involved as cluster manager of bioPmed.

Alps Bio-Cluster

A project focused on the creation of a biotech-medtech cluster network made up of 5 countries in the Alpine region (France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany) to foster the development of innovative companies. The project ended in 2011.


Project focused on the definition of common tools to support SMEs for the development of innovative products in the field of life sciences.
The project ended in 2011.


The project aimed to strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs in the Life Science sector through the production, development, and provision of linguistic and cultural resources. The project ended in 2009.

BioHealth Computing

The project aimed to develop a 2nd level Master in Biocomputing. The role of BiPCa was to create a link between training activities and companies, and to act as a player in the training part dedicated to the economic aspects and the technology transfer about biotechnology. The project ended in 2012.

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Project launched to support CBS Sfax for the development of an Incubator and a local cluster in Tunisia, as well as technology transfer services that can represent an interesting venues for European companies. The project ended in October 2013.

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The project aims at building a new European training course – for graduates in medical biotechnology – combining scientific expertise with managerial and business skills. Launched at the beginning of 2015, the projects is still ongoing.

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Project in collaboration with Biocat (ES), Lyonbiopole (F) and BioM (D) to organize a shared stimulus and support for the internationalization of SMEs in non-European countries (Brazil, China, USA). It ended in January 2014, but the activities continues through the BioXclusters Alliance.

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bioXclusters Plus

The project aims to increase the competitiveness of for international life science and healthcare SMEs supporting their internationalisation and acting as a single entry-point in Europe. On-going project, started in January 2016.

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Consulting activity for the Tunisian Minister of Industry

A project to support the Tunisian Minister of Industry to foster the growth of the “Tecnopoli” (Sousse, Gabes, Monastir and Bizerte) by developing a competitive and sustainable service platform (the activity is coordinated by the Environment Park).

DIADI – Diffusione dell’Innovazione nelle Aree a Declino Industriale

DIADI is a project carried out by Regione Piemonte designed to support the competitiveness of SMEs located in industrial declined areas in Piemonte through innovation and technology transfer projects and services.


The main purpose of the project is to improve the cluster management capability and efficiency through collaboration and implementation of the systemic thinking.
On-going project, started at the end of 2016.


The project intends to help increasing the competitiveness of European SMEs in the Life Science field focusing on non-European markets through the provision of online training resources and the organization of training sessions. The project ended in 2014.

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European Cluster Collaboration Platform

The European Cluster Collaboration Platform is part of the European Cluster Excellence initiative. It is a tool that allows cluster organizations (like Bioindustry Park) to play an active role in the international cluster scene.

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Bioindustry Park carried out support activities on the behalf of the Province of Turin to improve the effectiveness of local development policies that define the environment in which local healthcare players operate. The project ended late in 2014.

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IFTS Biotecnologie

Bioindustry Park has been part of the “Polo Biotecnologie Piemonte,” a group of educational institutions, training agencies, universities, research centers, companies, and associations. Their goal is promoting the advancement of technological innovation and the secondary technical training of employees to improve their knowledge in science and technologies in Life Sciences.

Best of Biotech initiative

International Business Plan competition in the life science sector organized by Life Science Austria (LISA) in 2014/2015. Bioindustry Park is the national entry point of the initiative.

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European Strategic Cluster Partnership Initiative on Personalized healthcare

Initiative launched in 2013 after a call for bids by the European Cluster Cooperation Platform in collaboration with LyonBiopole, BioCat, BioM and Health Scotland to prepare for future European calls.


The project focuses on training, technology transfer, and the planning of company internships in the field of neural engineering.
On-going project, approved in May 2012.

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ITS – Technology Area Life Sciences

With a partnership of 12 organizations, BiPCa has been involved in the preparation of the project proposal and as an operational partner for the activation of ITS – Istituto Tecnico Superiore operating in the Life Sciences sector. On-going project, about to enter the implementation phase.


The project aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of life science businesses through the access and participation to research programs, encouraging networking and promoting transnational cooperation among companies. The project ended in 2008.

Polo di Innovazione Provinciale

Bioindustry Park is the leader of the Polo Provinciale di Innovazione and the LIMA project – Integrated Laboratory of Applied Methodologies – is located in the Park. LIMA is anopen-access platform designed to stimulate the innovative growth of SMEs in the biomedical and biotechnology fields and facilitate the integration of young researchers.


Bioindustry Park took part in the research project called “PROMETEO, which is the acronym of Design and Development of innovative technological platforms and optimization of PROcesses for Regenerative MEdicine Applications in Ormaxillofacial, EmaTological, NEurological and CardiOlogic “.

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