Which are the results?

150 projects, over 50 of which are co-financed by regional funds, with a total value of over €21 million of research and development projects.

organized more than 40 training workshops, engaged more than 150 companies in  activities specific for  international markets, started 14 European projects in the area, organized 2 large international B2B events in Turin (EuroMedTech and BioEurope), etc. These represent some of the results achieved by the cluster.

bioPmed is now the largest regional Cluster on health and life sciences in Italy,

made up of companies, skills, motivated and open-minded people who recognize the value of collaborations and consider them the focus of their everyday action.

  • +100 Training Workshops
  • +150 Companies Involved
  • 14 European projects
  • 2 B2B Big Events


Trust, expertise

and tangible results

bioPmed is now a solid organization and a recognized Association with a transparent and representative governance system, with the goal of  helping companies grow and  supporting them in facing the challenges in an increasingly global and competitive market.


And if i join the association?

If your company joins the bioPmed Association, your organization will take advantage of a portfolio of professional services reserved to the members (sectorial market intelligence analysis, dedicated support for trade fairs and B2B events, providing assistance in soft landing on new markets, technological research, and development partners). In addition, you will be part of a broad and motivated group of entrepreneurs and research professionals operating in the healthcare sector who have direct access to calls for competitive bids for R&D activities and innovative support services reserved to members of the innovation Cluster . More than €114 million have already been allocated as part of the POR-FESR 2014-2020.