• Biotech-Ma Multiplier Event

    Biotech-Ma Multiplier Event

    Thursday 25 May 2017

    DIBINEM (Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences) – Bologna

    Creativity & Innovation for New Job Opportunities

    The Conference will focus on creativity and innovation as two essential elements in today’s Biotechnology: not only in the field of scientific research, but also as tools to find or create new job opportunities.

    A number of academic and professional experts from European universities, industries and startups will share their different points of view and their personal experiences, to investigate the important role of creativity and innovation and how they can be constantly developed through education.

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  • Opportunità da Italia Startup | QVC NEXT LAB

    Opportunità da Italia Startup | QVC NEXT LAB

    QVC Next Lab è un programma di formazione rivolto a startup interamente al femminile o con maggioranza di fondatrici (o collaboratrici) donne.

    Potrai trovare tutte le informazioni del progetto nel file allegato.

    La partecipazione a QVC Next Lab può essere legata ad un percorso commerciale futuro con QVC, ma l’obiettivo è creare una classe che possa essere il più omogenea possibile da un punto di vista formativo. Non è quindi necessario valutare solo startup di prodotto, ma si cercherà di mettere insieme realtà che possano avere delle affinità formative.

    Alla formazione in classe ed al viaggio finale parteciperà solo una persona, donna, per ciascuna realtà partecipante.

    Se hai startup interessate a candidarsi possono farlo qui:  CANDIDATI QUI

    Per ulteriori informazioni scrivere a Martina Palmese Martina.Palmese@qvc.com.


  • Invecchiamento di successo 2017: ageing opportunities” – 9/10/11 novembre, Fondazione Ferrero

    Invecchiamento di successo 2017: ageing opportunities” – 9/10/11 novembre, Fondazione Ferrero – Alba (CN)

    La Fondazione Ferrero in collaborazione con l’Accademia di Medicina di Torino e l’Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano organizza il convegno internazionale accreditato ECM “Invecchiamento di successo 2017 – Ageing opportunities”.

    La Fondazione Ferrero, a partire dal 2013, organizza, con cadenza biennale, convegni scientifici internazionali dedicati all’invecchiamento di successo e alle problematiche connesse alla senilità.

    Nei giorni 9, 10 e 11 novembre 2017 avrà luogo una nuova edizione delle giornate di studio, che si intitolerà Invecchiamento di successo 2017: ageing opportunities. Il convegno, accreditato ECM, sarà organizzato in collaborazione con l’Accademia di Medicina di Torino e con l’Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano.
    Le giornate di giovedì 9 e venerdì 10 novembre saranno articolate in quattro sessioni scientifiche:
    • Longevità
    • Fragilità
    • Economia e Welfare
    • Tecnologia e Ambiente

    Il dibattito di sabato 11 novembre si intitolerà La scienza della longevità, avrà un’impostazione divulgativa e sarà aperto a un pubblico vasto ed eterogeneo, più allargato rispetto alle giornate precedenti.

    A partire dal mese di maggio 2017 sarà disponibile il programma completo e sarà possibile effettuare l’iscrizione online.

    Consulta la pagina.

  • RegMed Europe – European Forum dedicated to regenerative medicine

    European Forum dedicated to regenerative medicine

    Brokerage Event organised by CHAMBRE DE COMMERCE ET D’INDUSTRIE DE REGION PARIS ILE-DE-FRANCE – Jul 07 2017 in Paris – France

    Fruitful collaborations for regenerative medicine players in several European countries. A unique opportunity to discover the latest innovations and to build successful collaborations.

    Enterprise Europe Network and the European clusters involved in this field join forces to give opportunities to create additional partnerships between SMEs and academics.

    Thanks to this new collaboration with Medicen (Paris Region, France) and BIOWIN (Wallonia, Belgium), the main players of regenerative medicine in several European countries will be involved in this European Forum in order to enhance the synergies between academical research, clinical research, and companies.

    The day will be divided in two sessions. The morning session will be dedicated to a conference mainly focused on ongoing regenerative medicine challenges and topics. In the afternoon, pre-arranged B2B meetings will take place thanks to the support of Enterprise Europe Network. These bilateral meetings will be pre-arranged according to their selection and requests.

    The main purpose of the event is to boost scientific, technologic and business cooperations and to present the latest innovations in regenerative medicine.

    The target audience is: companies, universities, research organizations and patient associations from Europe and beyond.

    For more information and for registration: https://www.b2match.eu/regmedparis2017

    The deadline to register and to ask for meetings: 4th of July.

    Download the program.

  • BSMA Europe annual conference

    BSMA Europe annual conference

    Dolce la Hulpe (Brussels)

    Thursday May 18th, 2017

    The BSMA (Bio Supply Management Alliance) Europe annual conference focuses on preparing biopharma industry for 2025 and beyond. The annual event will take place for the 2nd time in Brussels (La Hulpe) and will gather high level executives from the supply, procurement, strategic or supply chain functions of the Life Sciences industry from around Europe and the rest of the work.

    The mission of BSMA is to help supply chain professionals build an effective and efficient supply chain STRATEGY for the Life Sciences industry by developing, advancing, and disseminating best practices, knowledge, and research; to INNOVATE by encouraging and promoting the highest quality and clinical outcomes in patient care and welfare; and, to build a COMMUNITY of thought and practice leaders from the business, professional association and academic sectors for information exchange, shared services, and collaboration.

    Some of themes that will be covered are :

    –    One stop shopping for clinical supplies

    –    Cold Chain Management

    –    Supply chain integrity

    –    digitalization, data mining and BIG data

    –    Creating alignement in supply chain

    –    How to integrate life sciences innovation with supply chain and processes

    –    The evolution of business models for care centers and hospitals

    –    Education and Talent development

    –    And many more

    More information on www.bsmaeurope.com.

    Registration: www.bsmaeurope.com/register

  • International Award 2017

    International Award 2017

    After the outstanding success of the First Edition hosted in EXPO Milano 2015, UNIDO ITPO Italy launches the Edition 2017 of the International Award “Innovative Ideas and Technologies in Agribusiness”, whose Award Ceremony will be held on 10 May 2017 in Milan within the framework of Seeds & Chips 2017 – The Global Food Innovation Forum to be held at Rho Fiera in Milan, Italy, from next 8 to 11 May 2017. Namely, the Award Ceremony will be hosted within the Special Conference – Inspire Power “Food Security for Developing Countries”.

    The aim of the award consists in identifying the best technologies and innovative ideas from startups, enterprises, universities and research centers and technology transfer could lead to social and economic improvements if implemented in Developing Countries (DCs).

    Applications must be received by 10 April 2017, at the following link: http://www.unido.it/award2017/registration/

    The 2015 edition, organized in collaboration with the Italian National Research Council, under the patronage of EXPO Milano 2015, and hosted within the program of events organized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation within the context of the universal exhibition, achieved an outstanding success in terms of visibility and impact on the covered topics, with over 150 spontaneous applications received and evaluated from 30 countries of the world. The follow-up of the 2015 edition also record the achievement of important objectives in terms of Promotion of cutting-edge technologies, Project funding, and concrete activities of technology transfer in benefiting of developing countries.

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    From Electrophysiology to Imaging and Bio-Nanotechnology

    From JUNE 26TH TO JULY 7TH 2017 | SISSA

    The 7th Neuron Technology Summer School aims to provide practical and theoretical training on the application of a large spectrum of techniques to neuroscience.
    The School will address the following topics:

    • Basic Electrophysiology
    • Imaging and optical recordings
    • Optical tweezers microscopy for single cell neurobiology
    • Single-molecule imaging and single cell handling with Atomic Force Microscopy
    • Basic Structural Biology

    Admission will be based on scientific/academic qualifications. Master’s level students are strongly encouraged to apply.
    The admission fee is € 1000.
    15 scholarships from SISSA will be available.

    Send your application, including a short CV and motivation letter, to the Secretariat of the School: lough@sissa.it


    DOWNLOAD > flyer.

  • Scuola estiva CRS 2017 – Scuola CRS: la formazione intensiva nella comunicazione della ricerca scientifica

    Scuola estiva CRS 2017
    22-24 Agosto 2017
    Centro Studi Alpino, Pieve Tesino (TN)

    Sede: Centro Studi Alpino dell’Università degli Studi della Tuscia a Pieve Tesino (TN).
    Periodo: 22-24 agosto 2017 (inizio alle ore 9.00 del 22 agosto e conclusione alle ore 19.00 del 24 agosto).
    Programma: lezioni teoriche e pratiche, esercitazioni sulla scrittura e sull’esposizione orale, individuali e di gruppo, verifica collettiva degli elaborati, incontri serali con docenti di varie discipline, studio e dialogo.
    Destinatari: giovani ricercatori (dottorandi, borsisti, post-doc) che svolgono ricerca in ambito accademico, pubblico e privato, nelle scienze naturali, sociali e umane, in Italia e all’estero.
    Partecipanti: il numero massimo di ospiti che possono alloggiare al Centro Studi Alpino è 20. Al di sopra di 20 partecipanti l’alloggio non sarà compreso nella quota di iscrizione.
    Lingua: la scuola si svolge in lingua italiana; la partecipazione è aperta anche a ricercatori non italiani che comprendano e parlino molto bene questa lingua.
    Costo: 350 euro che prevedono: iscrizione alla scuola, materiali didattici, alloggio per 4 notti al Centro Studi Alpino.
    Iscrizione: entro il 15 giugno 2017, compilando il modulo di iscrizione e inviandolo completo in ogni sua parte.
    Versamento quota: entro il 20 giugno 2017.

    Consulta il sito.

    Scarica il volantino.

  • #CallForGrowth sulla “Hot Digital Transformation”

    #CallForGrowth sulla “Hot Digital Transformation”

    Hai una startup digitale in fase post-seed che lavora con le tecnologie esponenziali?

    GrowITup favorisce l’incontro e la collaborazione tra le startup e le grandi aziende (tra quelle che sono già entrate nel progetto ci sono: Alpitour, CNH Industrial, Generali, Enel, Intesa Sanpaolo, Luxottica) per accelerare la trasformazione digitale in Italia.

    Le sei aree di interesse della HOT DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION sono:

    • Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality
    • Applied Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
    • Internet of Things
    • Blockchain & Payment Systems
    • Security and Service Architecture
    • Big Data & Analytics

    Questa attività si articola in tre fasi:

    • Connect: le startup rispondono alla #CallForGrowth preparata sulla base delle priorità strategiche delle aziende;
    • Engage: le startup selezionate lavorano con il team di growITup e i manager delle aziende per individuare progetti/attività;
    • Scale: è la fase in cui questa collaborazione si concretizza, con un accordo commerciale, un investimento o una partecipazione.

    Maggiori info al sito http://www.growitup.it/2017/03/24/hotgitaltransformation/

    Registrarsi a questo link entro il 26 Aprile 2017.


  • Bio-economy: Find cooperation partners and get funded

    Bio-economy: Find cooperation partners and get funded

    Are you looking for cooperation partners from industry or academia? Do you have products, patents and/or licenses that are relevant to bio-economy? BioLinX online partnering (BioLinX-Partnering) can help you to commercialize your products, discoveries and inventions and also to find cooperation partners, for free.

    1. BioLinX online partnering: The new way to find and meet potential cooperation partners
    8–9 June 2017, online
    BioLinX-Partnering is the first online partnering event for the bio-economy, where you can present your offers and requests to international experts, free of charge and without the need to travel. The event is organized by the EU-project BioLinX. Present your products, services and technologies in live bilateral online meetings in this international two-day event, find cooperation partners and play at the forefront of R&D and bioeconomy business.
    Interested? Visit partnering.biolinx-project.eu and learn more about this promising opportunity.

    2. Looking for partners for public funding, value chain partners and / or (test) facilities?
    The EU-funded BioLinX project offers assistance to find (private) financing and (public) funding resources. The project partners help you to form project consortia and to get investment-ready. Due to the extensive network and capabilities of the different BioLinX partners,the project offers you easy access to several laboratory and pilot facilities and regional stakeholders in different regions.
    You need help? Find more information about BioLinX at www.biolinx-project.eu

    3. BioLinX Webinar: Introducing the BBI JU mission and activities
    11:30 – 12:15 hrs CET, 6 April 2017, online
    The webinar will introduce you to the Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU), a €3.7 billion public private partnership between the EU and the Bio-based Industries Consortium. Furthermore, you will learn more about the topics of the annual call for proposals, which are available now. The call for proposals will be opened on 11 April 2017.
    Register HERE for the webinar and learn how to successfully submit a proposal.

    4. BioLinX Webinar: Mobility – Research and Innovation Staff Exchange
    11:00 – 11:45 hrs CET, 9 May 2017, online
    Are you looking for alternatives to the usual biotechnology calls of H2020 and BBI? Would you like to choose the subject of your research project independently? Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions (MSCA) are a very interesting alternative to the usual thematically-focused biotec calls. Learn more about the MSCA sub-programmes “IF – Individual Fellowships”, “ITN – Innovative Training Networks” and “RISE – Research and Innovation Staff Exchange”, their main criteria, eligible activities and and the preparation of a 10 – page proposal.
    Join our BioLinX webinar. Register HERE for the webinar.

    5. BioLinX / VBU Webinar: KMU-innovativ: Biotechnologie – BioChance
    10:30 – 11:30 hrs CET, 31 March 2017, online
    Are you looking for support for your SME in a challenging project in applied research or experimental development? Then “KMU-innovativ: Biotechnologie – BioChance” might be the right funding programme for you! The webinar on the programme will be held in cooperation with the Association of German Biotechnology Companies (VBU) and is part of the VBU webinar series “Funding Programmes for Companies”. The lecture will be in German.
    Register at: http://v-b-u.org/webinar.html

    6. BBI Open Info Day and brokerage event
    28 April 2017, Brussels, Belgium
    Join the BBI 2017 Open Info Day. Find project partners and take the opportunity to build a new consortium and submit a proposal. Details on the Call topics and guidelines for applicants will presented at the event and can already be accessed via the BBI JU website. Register at the BBI JU’s Partnering platform to network and schedule meetings at the event.
    Registration is free of charge. For more information please visit

    Any questions or comments?
    Send an email to scriba@dechema.de with your questions and comments.