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The Ribes di Colleretto Giacosa industrial and research estate was established as part of the 1979 Plan for the Ivrea District (Piano Territoriale del Comprensorio di Ivrea), whose implementation fell to the Inter-municipal and/or Municipal Master Plans.

In those years the area was used only by the Biomedical Research Centre R.B.M. (Istituto di Ricerche Bio Mediche Antoine Marxer – currently Merck) designed between 1970-72 by Architect Eduardo Vittoria.

Over time, the building complex has undergone major extensions and conversions, although it still retains recognizable features of the initial layout in some parts.

In the late 1980s the Municipality of Colleretto Giacosa started planning the industrial estate and it was then Dr. Silvano Fumero, an R.B.M. manager, proposed the creation of a scientific and technological park for Biotechnology and Life Sciences in the Canavese District.

“We would like to see this area become a research centre with enormous potential. (…). In order to promote the Canavese District we will have to consider our competition, to compare ourselves to others, to enhance our competitive advantages (…)”.

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Silvano Fumero

Born in Saluzzo (Piedmont) in 1946. Silvano Fumero was born in the unmistakable shadow of Monviso Mountain. He always carried his birth place in his heart even when he had to move. In fact, he soon left for Turin where, to finish his studies at the Chemical High School -where he then taught to pay his way through university. He graduated in Biological Sciences in 1970 with a thesis on the Potentiometric Titration of β-gamma-globulins and specialized in Parasitology. At university he met Diana, who became his wife and mother of their three children: Cecilia, Luigi and Alice. With them he moved even further away from Saluzzo, to the Canavese area: in 1971 he began his career as a researcher at the Colleretto Giacosa Marxer Research Institute founded by Silvia Olivetti Leggi di più/Read more

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