Healthcare is worth it


Human development goes through the progress of the ecosystem in which they live.

Quality of life
Quality of life is one of the key elements of progress; it is a significant aspect for carrying out actions underlying progress.
For this reason, life science and health-related innovations are among the key elements that positively impact the human progress.

The technological innovation process is based on the ability to transfer and enhance the knowledge, to develop new customized and sustainable solutions, designed to meet existing needs and to guarantee a better, healthy, and longer life.

Innovative companies are the key players that enhance knowledge and research results and turn them into technological innovations, thus supporting the socio-economic progress.

The growth of innovative companies requires favorable environments, relationship network, talents, skills, and resources at local, national, European and international level.

The growth of innovative companies is a key factor in the development of ecosystems (local, regional, and national), allowing jobs creation and -economic growth of the society.


Nurture an environment where knowledge turns into progress.


The goal of Biondustry Park is to enhance research results in the healthcare sector and turn them into technological innovations that meet clear needs and sustain the launch, growth, and development of innovative and globally competitive companies.

This is the reason a supportive environment and excellent services have been designed and implemented at the Park.

Key values

Progress requires creating an environment in which:

CultureTraditionsExpertiseInnovationCollaborationSustainabilityIntegrityImpartialityRespectToleranceSense of communityCommitmentExcellencePassion

coexist in a synergic and integrative way as values and action drivers.

Corporate Bodies

Corporate Bodies

Fiorella Altruda
Fiorella Altruda
Alberta Pasquero
Alberta Pasquero
Alessio Nocerino
Alessio Nocerino
Fabio tedoldi
Fabio tedoldi
Raffaele Brasile
Raffaele Brasile
Member of the board

Audit Committee

  • Chairman – Alessandro Sabolo
  • Statutory Auditor – Alfredo Mazzoccato
  • Statutory Auditor –  Ernesto Carrera
  • Alternate auditors – Albino Bertino and Francesco Arcudi

Supervisory body

  • Andrea Morezzi

General Manager

  • Fabrizio Conicella


BiPCa, the company that manages the Park, is a limited liability corporation with more than €12 million of share capital.

  • 39% FinPiemonte
  • 23% Città Metropolitana di Torino
  • 17% Bracco Imaging
  • 14% Merck Serono - IBM
  • 6% Camera di Commercio Torino
  • 1% Altri
    Telecom Italia S.p.A.
    Bioline Diagnostici S.r.l.
    Confindustria Canavese
    Confindustria Piemonte

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is the advisory board of the Bioindustry Park Board of Directors.
Its main task is to verify the alignment between the projects and the strategic guidelines of the Industrial Plan of the Company.

In its propositional and advisory role, the Scientific Committee has the task, whenever required, to evaluate the scientific quality of the projects and support the Park in the selection, approval, planning and evaluation of its scientific projects.



Why Bioindustry Park “Silvano Fumero”?

Silvano Fumero was born in 1946 in Saluzzo. Later, he moved to Turin with his family, where he graduated in Biological Sciences in 1970 with a dissertation about the potentiometric titration of beta-gamma globulin. Then he completed a specialization in Paratoxicology.

He started his career as a researcher at the Rbm Research Institute in Colleretto Giacosa in 1971, where he worked on various topics including phenylketonuria and tumor receptors.

In 1985, he begun being in charge of the Toxicology Department at the Direzione Industria of the European Community in Bruxelles.

From 1987 to 1991, he was General Manager of the Rbm Research Institute; in the same period, this Institute was acquired by the Serono company.

From 1991 to 1996 he was in charge of LCG Bioscience, a European network of contract research laboratories in the field of preclinical and clinical trials based in London; he was also in charge of the Bourn Hall Clinic of Cambridge, a pioneer in the research of infertility treatments.

From 1996 to 2003, he was Executive Vice President of the Serono Group R&D in Geneva.

In 1992, he was the promoter and founder of the Bioindustry Park del Canavese, of which he was later appointed as its President.He was founder and CEO of Creabilis Therapeutics, founder and president of Eporgen Venture and inspired the Bioindustry Park Discovery project. He was adjunct Professor of Industrial Research and Development at the University of Turin for the Biotechnology degree. He published two novels “The African clone” and “A journey among distant appearances” and a scientific text for Bollati Boringhieri “Research and development in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry”.

He delighted himself in painting and organizing several exhibitions in Italian and Swiss art galleries. He passed away prematurely in January 2008. He won the “Olivettiano Businessman” award in  2008 “for having followed all his life as a manager-scientist entrepreneur the dream of Adriano Olivetti “.