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Business Services

Business Services

The Bioindustry Park Park offers highly specialized services and consulting services to all the Life Sciences and Human Health enterprises and centres.
Services are offered to businesses and centres at the park but also to start-ups, businesses, research centres and institutions nationally and internationally.
By setting-up in the park businesses can establish sustainable and long-lasting debvelopment.

Are you a business?


Turn key projects for R&D labs and production/manufacturing activities of Life Sciences and Human Health businesses.

Market Analysis

Market analysis and positioning, evaluation of development paths with growth potential in businesses in the health sector.

Business strategy

Co-planning sustainable development strategies and business models with clients, guiding them identify objectives, finding resources and planning projects, networking with specialized strategic partners.


Scouting for and identifying cutting edge technology, industrial partners and & or opportunities for investments.

Science related services

The consultancy offered by Bioindustry Park also includes scientific and technical support and may include activities to identify specific needs according to the product development phase.

To market

Mentoring and supporting companies, helping them find solutions able to translate the strategy into actual market success.


Access to the local bioPmed health cluster and the entire regional innovation ecosystem to foster strategic partnerships and research and development cooperation through dedicated funds.

Go Global

Access to Bioindustry Park’s international network for global development in the 5 continents right from the start.


Organization of training and refresher courses, events and seminars.

Virtual Bioindustry Park


Bioindustry Park is happy to provide you a virtual tailored support for innovative project, either you are a company, startup or research centre

Are you a start-up?

Bioindustry Park fosters start-ups by offering settling in and technical and scientific support for innovative business ideas.


Shared spaces and services


A team of experts dedicated to technology assessment.

Business Plan

A dedicated team of experts.

Financing and facilities

Access to funding and crowd-funding platforms.


Network of players and companies in Life Sciences and Human Health

Community spaces 

District’s Services 

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